Sound Familiar?

You’re not alone…

You believe the lies and as a result…

 You Work Hard!

 You’re investing in programs that Guarantee to make you More Money!

 You’re attending seminars, workshops, intensives that show you “Proven” strategies to Increase  Sales

Yet you’re in the same place month after month… and you’re doing your best NOT to sink!

You’re in The Broke Boat…

with people who don’t know how to MAKE Money

and people who don’t know how to KEEP Money

To Stay Out of the Broke Boat!

I hear it all the time… “How could this have happened?”

It’s actually pretty simple… you keep repeating the same mistakes!

You believe what the “gurus” say without properly vetting their PROMISE

⇒ You spend money on programs & sponsorships that are not right for you

⇒ You don’t have a formula or a plan to make money and to keep money

When you give up money and you don’t see results, the ONLY winner is the one who grabbed your money! 

This WILL Keep You BROKE! 

Donna, working with you has been a game-changer for me!

…before working with you, I used to purchase what I thought was necessary. Like so many entrepreneurs, I was spending more than investing. Now that I have my profit formula, I am investing for what’s important to me and my business.

Rodney R. Washington


To Invest For What You Want!

Consider how much money you would have if YOU…

 Didn’t purchase big-ticket items you don’t need

 Didn’t commit to payments that can bankrupt you


 Didn’t fall for hoax that seemed to be investments

 Kept a portion of every dollar you earn for yourself

 Made smart decisions and got the R.O.I you want

This is how you…

Get into the broke boat…

And remain there if nothing changes!


Donna, I am so excited!

It’s been a year since you have been helping me build my business and I can see the difference. From September 2019 to September 2020, my income is 4X more! All because I followed the profit recipe (that you created for me)!

Kimberly R. Walton

Walton Financial Services, LLC

You can have more than enough money for what is important to you! 

Join me for the

 “More Than Enough Money” Workshop 

Tue, Dec 29, 2020 – 12pm to 3pm EST

This Workshop is for you if you want to...

You are tired, emotionally drained and do not want to continue like this

You can not figure out how to make ends meet with money you have

You want to do what is necessary to ensure that your business is profitable

Now imagine getting all of this information in just one ½ day Workshop


To reward the first 9 registrants for taking quick action, you get a BONUS pack that includes:

 30 minutes with Donna to get started on your strategy to get your enough money!

 Tax tips and strategies that you can use to reduce your income tax for 2020 and beyond 

 Donna’s Book, The Price of Fake Is Real, to help you build a stronger business foundation

Ready for “More Than Enough Money?”

What’s the point of making money only to put it in someone else’s pocket?
How will you ever build wealth if you keep spending instead of investing?

Make 2021 Better! I Will Show You How!

Meet Your Trainer


Donna believes that entrepreneurs who align their vision with purposeful action can achieve business and financial success.

Many accountants will help you tally up your results and file your taxes. Not so, with Donna, you will know how much money you can make and what you must do to get ALL of it. When you work with Donna, she will first identify what is stopping you from making money and keeping it. Then you will get real strategies to get all that belongs to you, and accountability plus performance monitoring to keep you on track. You will finally break through limitations and achieve the business success that you want.

A sought after Certified Public Accountant, business advisor and profit strategist, Donna spent the past 25 years in the business and finance industries. She began in banking, performed financial audits nationally and intentionally, and was a corporate CFO for over 13 years. She now uses her expertise to help small business owners run successful businesses that are profitable so they can go from working hard to living well doing what they enjoy.

 Donna is the author of, The Price of Fake Is Real, How to Stop Pretending & Gain Real Business Success. She is a contributing writer for The Los Angeles Tribune, and shared the stage with New York Times best-selling authors Suzanne Evans and Larry Winget.

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